Support the museum


The Westlands Museum has more than 550 donors who support us annually with an amount of (at least) € 25. You can also become a donor and you will receive a lot in return. Together with a friend or family member you can visit the museum for free throughout the year, you receive the historical magazine "Regional History" four times a year and you can attend an interesting lecture on a Westland historical subject every year.

The Westlands Museum has the ANBI status for cultural organizations. As a result, an additional gift deduction applies to donors. In the income tax return, individuals may deduct 1.25 times the amount of the gift.

Do you want to become a donor? Send an e-mail with your contact details to [email protected].

Business friend

If your company has a warm heart for Westland's cultural heritage, you can register as a "business friend of the museum". In this way you can connect your company to the museum in an accessible way. You will be kept informed of developments, you will receive various benefits and you can profile your company externally as socially involved. Moreover, it is fiscally attractive to support the museum. The Westlands Museum has ANBI status for cultural organizations. Companies that are subject to corporation tax may therefore deduct 1.5 times the amount of the gift in the corporation tax return.
Current business friends:

Horconex Horticultural Projects


Batist Aluminium Constructies

Stoelmassage Westland

Do you want to know more about the possibilities to become a business friend? Then contact Gustaaf van Gaalen: +31 174 - 62 10 84.

Municipalities and funds

The Westlands Museum is grateful for the financial support we have received in recent years from the municipalities of Westland and Midden-Delfland, and the funds Loswal “De Bonnen”, Fonds 1818, RaboWestlandfonds, VSB Fonds, Prins Bernhardfonds Z-H and Mondriaanfonds.