Ben Viegers - Master of light, air and water

February 15th until september 8th 2024

Painter Ben Viegers (1886-1947) lived in The Hague for more than half a century. With his Harley-Davidson with sidecar, he went out to paint the most beautiful places. He liked to paint in the Westland. The rural area inspired him. He searched for the purity of country life with polders, farms, canals and market gardeners' barges. Especially for the exhibition, the Westlands Museum has brought together the most beautiful works he painted in South Holland and specifically in the Westland. Many of the paintings are being shown to a large audience for the first time.

The first part of the exhibition focuses on Ben Viegers' life and work. Due to paintings made in South Holland, many different facets of his life and characteristic style are shown. The second part of the exhibition is specifically about the Westland. Which works did he paint there? One of the aims of this exhibition is to find out locations of the Westland paintings. Together with experts and the public, we investigate where Ben Viegers could have painted in the Westland. Both parts of the exhibition are introduced by a film. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.


Permanent exhibition

We take you to the Roman times, the Middle Ages, the 18th century to today. How Westland originated and how it could grow into the world’s largest horticultural area in the world. Meet families from the past and the present and go on this journey through the centuries.

Historical garden

In our historical garden at the back of the museum you can enjoy a walk between flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. You will see how horticulture developed from the 18th century up to the present day. Every day our volunteers do their utmost to show the garden at its best. Take a look at our herb patch, an old hothouse for grapes, a fruit wall of visit our chickens, birds and rabbits.